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Zak Shiff | צח שיף

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Zak Shiff (b. 1978) is an Israeli artist living and working in Tel Aviv and Boston. He holds a B.Ed.F.A  from The School of Art Hamidrasha (2015), and an MFA in painting from Boston University, School of Visual Arts (2019). In addition he has a BA in humanities from the Open University and a degree in Visual Communications from the Avni Institute. Shiff has won the John Walker Painting Award, and two merit scolarships from Boston University.


Shiff is attracted to the imperfection in things, and so play and improvisation are essential features of his practice. His work celebrates awkward and unexpected accidents alongside the tension set up by precise resolution. 

Le Petit Prince, found object and acrylic, 58×58 cm, 2020‎

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