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NACHSHON studio | סטודיו נחשון

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NACHSHON is an independent furniture design studio from Haifa, Israel, which also includes a manufacturing workshop. They aim to design aesthetic and precise furniture, while implementing their understanding of materials, techniques and human needs.


NACHSHON studio aspires to create furniture that lasts for generations, and is a part of a long-life cycle. They balance between classic international design to their contemporary and local point of view, and combine traditional materials with new techniques and technologies. Every furniture in the collection captures a story – from the first inspiration through production, and to the complete creation.

Framework 02 Tel aviv Console, steel, oak, brass, paint and lacquer finish, metal-smith, carpentry, machine, 90x105x40 cm, 2019.

1,528 EUR
5,500 ILS+VAT


Framework 02 is a constantly changing piece of furniture, presenting four different facades, and defined by a continuous line wandering between the blackened oak top case and the ground. The top is raised above the steel base by delicate brass spacers, enhancing their complementary relationship.


This unique and one-off piece is paired with our Locally series, whose exciting essence carries a strong sentimental connection to a specific site – the thrilling urban structure of Tel Aviv-Jaffa. The grandiose scale of cartography meets the minute scale of the patterns formed within the blackened natural oak’s grain, forming a new, layered map upon the case.

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