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Gur Inbar | גור ענבר

Freshpaint 9, 10

Gur Inbar is a ceramicist based in Tel-Aviv. He is a graduate of the Ceramics and Glass Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design (2015), and of the First Studio residency program by the Benyamini Center for ceramics (2016). Since 2016 he runs his own studio at the south of Tel-Aviv. He participated in numerous art and design shows, and his works are exhibited in some of Tel Aviv’s design galleries and stores. 


The vases Inbar makes on the pottery wheel are used as surfaces for his hand-painted graphic work. Many references, taken both from the world of tribal archaeological relics and from the field of traditional crafts, find their way into his designs. His use of color is free and generous, based upon intuition rather than planned. Each of the final pieces is made and painted by hand and thus unique. Besides vases, Inbar makes hand-painted tableware for two of Alain Ducasse’s restaurants.  

Cobalt Hakke, pottery and hand-painting, 55 cm, 2020.

778 EUR
2,800 ILS+VAT

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