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Doron Wolf | דורון וולף

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Doron Wolf (b.1976), is an Israeli artist living and working in Haifa. He received his MEd (2009) from Oranim College Art Institute, and his MFA (2012) from the Department of Visual Arts at Haifa University. He exhibited in numerous exhibitions in Israel and around the world. Wolf is a realistic painter, and his work focuses on classical themes such as portraits and still life, while expressing a contemporary perspective towards light and towards the relationship between painting and photography. 


In his paintings, Wolf uses photos of everyday scenes or an array of seemingly arbitrary objects, selecting them from various sources and recombining them into a single composition. His use of traditional techniques of oil painting, which require continuous and gradual work, signifies the tension between a momentary glance and an examination, between a frenzied camera’s click and a gentle and intimate staring while painting. 

Light Breaks, oil on canvas, 40×40 cm, 2018

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