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Ayala Tzur | אילה צור

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Ayala Tzur is an Israeli designer. In her works, Tzur applies a unique technique which includes embroidery and drawing lines on porcelain so that it assumes the look of textile. This complex processing of the material combines “stamping” on textile and grants the clay its identity – it accepts the texture of the cloth as a mirror material.


Tzur combines these traditional techniques as a personal interpretation to the ancient scrolls, calligraphy and old texts. This combination of the materials, the embroidery threads and the porcelain, creates a hybrid which moves on the boundary between ceramics and textile. Tzur’s use of a line pattern, which likens many lines of writing, results in a rich and layered product.

Untitled, ceramic wall art, porcelain sheets and manual print, 34.5×45 cm, 2019. The work comes with special hooks for hanging.

417 EUR
1,500 ILS+VAT

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