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Anat Keinan | ענת קינן

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Anat Keinan (b. 1989), is an Israeli artists with a BFA from Bezalel Academy of Arts, Jerusalem (2017). In her works, she is inspired by the urban landscape: constructed environments, buildings, houses, and the way that shapes and colors outline space. She creates drawings, woodcuts, installations, and sculptures, all of which lie between the worlds of two and the three-dimensions. She explores the impact two-dimensional surface has on its surrounding space, and vice versa.


Keinan has received several awards and grants: The Herman Struck Prize for Artistic Printmaking (2015, 2018), Departmental Award for Excellence on behalf of the Bezalel Academy of Arts, and the Excellence Award upon graduation from The Israel Museum Program in Fine Arts for High-School Students.

Untitled (Blue staircase), woodcut print on paper, 40X40 cm, 2018

639 EUR

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