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StudioKahn | סטודיו קאהן

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StudioKahn are Mey Kahn and Boaz Kahn, who for ten years have been creating design-art pieces characterized by an iconic, colorful and minimalistic visual language. In their atelier, all the works are produced one by one, by hand casting into plaster molds. Their work is marked by high-finish, clean-cut, unexpected shapes, combining precise industrialized production processes with the crafts and traditions of ceramic materials. 

StudioKahn’s work has been exhibited at many fairs and institutions and has won several prizes including, among others: Design Museum Holon (2015); Israeli Biennale for Ceramics – Eretz Israel Museum, (2013 Tel Aviv); DesignTide fair (2012, Tokyo); Sotheby’s Design-Dream Exhibition (2011 Tel-Aviv); Lodz Design Festival (2009, Poland) and more.

Renaissance2.0 – The Birth Of Venus, ceramic casting and manual sculpting, using ceramic, glaze, oak; signed by the artist, 25x18x16 cm, 20208

902 EUR
3,248 ILS+VAT


Renaissance2.0 is a series of unique, one-of-a-kind works which portray a ceramic figure with a pinecone head, who plays as various characters from classic masterpieces in art history.

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