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Naama Agassi | נעמה אגסי

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Naama Agassi (b. 1983) is an Israeli designer and artist. She received a BA in industrial design from the Holon Institute of Technology (HIT) and an MA in contextual design from Design Academy Eindhoven. Her studio in Tel-Aviv specializes in designing unique furniture, lighting elements and sculpted functional objects. 


Agassi approaches her objects as a means to communicate an array of conceptual frameworks. In the past few years she has been focusing on exploring the sculptural abilities of various materials, such as artificial marble, granolith and natural pigments – researching the utilisation of self-made materials in semi-industrial processes. Her work has been presented in museums and exhibitions around the world, including The V&A Museum, London (2015), Barcelona Design Week (2016), Milan Design Week (2017), Seoul Design Week (2018) and more.

Imperial Purple – Vase, ceramic cast, glass, ready-made objects, 42x19x20 cm, 2017.

736 EUR
2,650 ILS+VAT

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