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Lihi Shani | ליהי שני

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Lihi Shani (b. 1990) is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Herzliya, Israel. She holds a B.Ed.F.A in art and education from Hamidrasha School of visual art at Beit Berl College, graduating with honors (2013). Since then she has presented two solo exhibitions, and participated in dozens of group exhibitions in Israel and abroad, including at the Haifa Museum of Art and at the Janco Dada Museum.


Shani’s work is influenced by social media, contemporary consumer culture, mass production and online shopping sites. She uses mass-produced materials – products she purchases and then presents in a completely new context, separate from their original purpose. She often uses inflatables, puncturing them and thus rendering them completely useless. Her works represent an endless mass reproduction, and are a mirror for modern consumers who buy and sell useless products they don’t really need.

Homage (diptych), mixed media, 100X78 cm (each part), 2019.

2,778 EUR
10,000 ILS+VAT

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