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Bianca Severijns | ביאנקה ספריינס

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Bianca Severijns (b. 1964, Netherlands) is a contemporary artist currently living and working in Israel. In her art, she transforms paper into intricate complex artworks which create a unique visual impact. Severijns is known for her original and distinguished paper language, with which she aesthetically arranges hundreds of hand-torn pieces of paper into sculpture tapestries, murals and reliefs.


Severijns’s paper art sprouted from her experiences as a new immigrant, which remain her inspirational foundation. Her works explore subjects of displacement, uprooting & re-rooting and social themes. Severijns participated among others at the Venice Biennial 2019, and at the first TLV Biennial 2020 at the Eretz Israel Museum. She had her first solo exhibition at the Periscope Gallery, Tel Aviv in 2019.

Untitled 32, Movement and Rhythm, contemporary art relief Technique: hand-torn paper, konjac glue, acrylic, 52x40x7 cm, 2020.

1,250 EUR
4,500 ILS+VAT

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