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Tesler Mendelovitch | טסלר מנדלוביץ

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Tesler + Mendelovitch is a textile and product design studio focused on creating innovative wood textiles — transforming them into luxury projects for automotive, architecture and fashion. Orli Tesler and Itamar Mendelovitch met in 2012 at the Shenkar University of Engineering and Design, as they were studying for a degree in textile design. Their shared outlook in regards to design and aesthetics led them to invest time in creating new textiles which could have the potential to redefine the way they both construct and produce three dimensional products.


Tesler + Mendelovitch’s design philosophy is “form follows material” – they believe the best design is based on innovative materials and understanding their characteristics. They exhibitied their work at the Eretz Israel Museum (2014), Scin gallery, London (2014), Materfad gallery, Barcelona (2017), Museum of Contemporary Art, Shenzhen China (2018), Hong Kong Design Center (2019) and more.

Faceted Floor Seat, wood capitonnage series, length 2.20 m, height 80 cm, Depth 80 cm, 2020.

2,500 EUR
9,000 ILS+VAT

Made from the studio’s iconic 3D textiles, this floor seat is smooth, curved, firm, light-weight but very sturdy.
Structurally reinforced, this seat structure can bear a weight of 100 kg per m².


Constructed entirely by hand: 

Internal composition – structural foundation made from birchwood, enables even weight distribution, durability, and excellent moisture absorption.
100 cotton weave – for tensile strength.
Wood veneer – surface material.

Fire retardant certificate D-s2 d0 tested by the Standards Institution of Israel.

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