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Hadar Saifan | הדר סייפן

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Hadar Saifan (b. 1985), is an Israeli artist who grew up in Kibbutz Dafna, near the Lebanese border. She completed her B.Ed. in art and education at the Oranim Academic Collage with highest honors. During her studies she earned scholarships for excellence in academic achievements in her first and third years. At the final exhibition of her art studies (2014) she received a scholarship for Excellency and two curator awards. In addition, she received the AICF high scholarship for visual art, 2014.


Her works are included in private collections and in the collections of the Herzliya Museum Of Contemporary Art, The Tel-Aviv museum Of Art, and The Israel Museum. She is currently participating in an exhibition at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, closing October 2020. Additionally, in 2020 she will receive the Oscar Handler Award by Lohamei Hageta’ot Gallery and will present a solo exhibition there.

HOME FRONT: City in Southern Israel, photography – archival ink color print, wood framing and anti-reflective glass, 100×160 cm, 2018

3,556 EUR


The series HOME FRONT was created in light of the Second Lebanon War (2006), dealing  with the internal evacuation of localities in initial emergency situations. in such situations, civilians move independently to a massive fortified building close to their homes, as their family homes are color-coded on evacuation maps. Each map represents an aspiration for a primary physical order in a situation that may be chaotic. 


In Saifan’s works, neatly piled memo notes in glowing colors turn the original paper maps of the security departments into a 3D architectural model. The use of a specific lighting design in the studio gives the objects a digital appearance although there wasn’t any digital manipulation. The first work from HOME FRONT was purchased for the Herzliya Museum of contemporary Art 2019.

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