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Dan Orimian | דן אורימיאן

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Dan Orimian is an Israeli artist, working from a private studio located in Moshav Aminadav near Jerusalem. He moved there recently after working for seven years at the Art Cube Artists’ Studios, in Jerusalem. Apart from his work at the studio, Orimian is the art director of the Hacubia School of Art, Jerusalem, and curator of Hacubia Gallery of Contemporary Art.


Orimian is currently working intensively on a series of ink works for an artist’s book sponsored by a Mifal HaPayis cultural grant, scheduled to be published in early 2021. The paintings and drawings from this period are all connect to a project titled Retreat, where he plays with the perception of the studio as a place of refuge and seclusion. 

Damka, oil on linen, 30×30 cm, 2020

778 EUR
2,800 ILS+VAT

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