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Amir Tomashov | אמיר תומשוב

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Amir Tomashov is an Israeli artist and architect. He has a B.Arch (cum laude) from the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. His architectural practice is very evident in his artistic work, as he continues to seek a clinical-critical point of view on the urban anatomy of the metropolis in Israel and abroad.


Tomashov’s sketch works and drawings describe in detail the anatomy of semi-constructed structures, stones stacked in an offhand and unordered manner, with root-like ducts and pipes suspended in the air after being ripped from the ground. The detailed drawings reveal the beauty of the micro-parts within the ruins, and the aesthetics of the construction work. In his pieces, Tomashov exposes and documents the structure of layers upon layers of the urban matrix.

Exposed Landscape 12 j, 4 framed pieces, paper cutting, 108×44 cm, 2020

2,361 EUR

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