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Tamar Hirschfeld | תמר הירשפלד

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Tamar Hirschfeld, (b.1984, Jerusalem), is an Israeli artist based in Tel aviv and Brussels. She holds a BFA and a MFA from Bezalel academy of art and design. She also attended “La villa Arson” art school, Nice, France and the “Le Fresnoy – studio national” – an audiovisual research center in Lille, France, for a two-year residency program. Hirschfeld produces images which are based on ideological ambiguity. She uses extreme, hackneyed representations of religion, nationality, gender and race. Provocative acts are her way of protesting against a binary perception of reality.


Hirschfeld has won several grants and prizes, including The Israeli Ministry of Culture Prize for a Young Artist in the field of video art, the “CROUS” French embassy grant and the CCA Tel Aviv grant for experimental films and video art. Her recent solo show “Neuland” at the Tel Aviv Museum of art was one of the most popular shows of 2019 in Israel.

The Apocalypse Ornaments, acrylic on canvas, oil and acrylic on styrofoam, ten spheres of different sizes, varies between 4 to 8 cm in diameter, 2019

1,944 EUR
7,000 ILS+VAT


The piece consist of ten painted spheres which can be hung separately or as a group. Hirschfeld painted scenes that represent moments of great menace in world history: a caveman discovering fire, the extinction of the dinosaurs, a portrait of Catalan’s mini Hitler etc. She chose to paint them on little spheres because they depict the planets, but at the same time resemble Christmas ornaments. This way she represents humanity’s eternal and biggest fears, only in an intimate manner.

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