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Berman Studio | סטודיו ברמן

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Berman Studio are Nirit and Avi Berman, a couple that has been working and creating together for decades. Nirit studied jewelry design at Bezalel academy of arts and design, and later became a qualified Feldenkrais practitioner. The natural connection she sees between jewelry and body movement finds its expression in every piece. Avi has extensive technical skills and excellent sculptural vision. He is responsible for many of the clever apparatuses and structures that have come to define their jewelry.


Both Nirit and Avi keep an eye out for new developments, technologies and ideas. While they have individual areas of interest and expertise, they are united in their love for their shared work. In work as in life, all these elements blend together to create the unique texture of their business.

Mother Rock handmade collection, a raw (and completely natural) aquamarine set in 18k solid gold, 33×17 mm.

2,222 EUR

(price does not include a necklace)

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