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Bikaku Studio | סטודיו ביקקו

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Bikaku studio is a studio producing handmade furniture, founded in 2018 by life partners Tal and Sia. The studio focuses on using and rethinking strong and earthy materials such as iron and wood, and the historic and traditional methods which come along with them. With a fresh point of view, Bikaku question how and to what extent a material can be changed.


For Bikaku, all techniques are valid: from traditional metalwork to welding, bending and iron laser cutting, traditional carpentry or unprocessed wood. Their designs express the ideas and influences they collect through studying arts and crafts, world travels (Japan especially), and meeting inspiring artisans. 

Cabinet, forged Steel, rust 8 mm metal, burnt oak, 61.5×53.5×33 cm, 2019.

1,736 EUR
6,250 ILS+VAT


The cabinet is made of 8 mm thick iron plates, rusted in an accelerated procedure, brushed, and joined in a method traditionally used with wooden joints. The legs are ironwork, and attached to the cupboard with blacksmith rivets. The oak doors are hand carved using a half-round chisel, burned, sanded, finished and attached using brass hinges and blacksmith rivets. All methods and work were handmade in the studio.

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