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Nitzan Mintz | ניצן מינץ

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Nitzan Mintz is a visual poet based in Tel Aviv. She began working a decade ago in the streets of Tel Aviv, where she would create visual poetry for specific locations in the city. She later continued to create studio pieces as well. Mintz has created pieces in the public sphere and has exhibited her work in different art venues and events in many cities in the world – New York, Miami, Montreal, London, Paris, Prague, Vienna, Berlin and more.


In her poems, Mintz attempts to verbalize personal and collective emotional struggles. Her poems are later developed into her visual pieces. She mainly uses leftovers from the public sphere, industrial materials, paint and letter stencils. Her final pieces facilitate a unique connection between text, form and color, allowing a new experience for the viewer. 

Hold On, oil paint on canvas, 45×55 cm, 2019.

2,139 EUR
7,700 ILS+VAT

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