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Nadav Caspi | נדב כספי

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Nadav Caspi (b. 1986) is an Israeli designer, living and working in Tel-Aviv. He studied Industrial Design at the Holon Institute of Technology (2014), and established his Tel Aviv studio in 2016.


Caspi’s design aesthetic is strongly influenced by his love of natural materials and the manual, artisanal processes of working with them. His love of wood can be traced back to an early apprenticeship in a workshop producing children’s toys. He designs his furniture with the intention of stretching their material boundaries and functionality.

Unit2 lounge table, made from solid walnut, 45x107x55 cm.

1,250 EUR
4,500 ILS+VAT


A table that continues the design line of the Unit2 shelf, with a place you can put and show your favorite books in a minimalist way in the center of the living room.

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