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Mikki Mann | מיקי מן

Studio Fe סטודיו

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Mikki Mann is the founder & designer behind Studio fe. She is an architect with a B.Arch from Tel-Aviv University, and an Urbanist with an MSc from the Delft University of Technology; but she sees herself mostly as a designer. Her background has made her strive to achieve smart design, where minimalism in structure generates minimalistic design.


Mann’s design lab is mainly comprised of metal as it is considered sustainable: if well designed, it’s built to last. She wishes to decode the metal DNA and create dialogues with it. Her work shifts between art & design, form, function & beauty, colors, matter & composition, and between ecology & economy.

BLOCKchain, metal table, matt-black coating, 80x240x75 cm, 2020.

4,028 EUR
14,500 ILS+VAT


Our world is on the edge of a new era. Some things will never be the same again. STAY HOME is becoming a concept for living. The BLOCKchain table allows a platform for different users with different purposes all happening in one place.

The BLOCKchain table is derived out of the world of technology, where single information blocks run without a central management system. This is an “open-end” platform. A floating in space sculpture-like object, beautiful, innovative, and well crafted; all of these are inherent objectives that make the table long-lasting and sustainable.

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