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Adva Kremer |אדוה קרמר

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Adva Kremer (b. 1990) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Tel-Aviv. Kremer has a BA in Textile Design from the Shenkar College of Engineering, Design and Art, majoring in weaving. Upon her graduation, she has embarked on a deeply personal, political and socially-engaged body of work that explores the limitations and deceitfulness of imagery found throughout the media and popular culture.


In her work, Kremer explores the relationship between textile, art and technology. She incorporates a combination of traditional techniques and advanced technology, with which she questions and tests the true value of art, shifting the balance from the privileged elite to the public eye. She exposes the fragile structure of art pricing, and the randomness of trends in the art world. Her last body of works deals extensively with discrimination, gender and racism in the art world through data visualisation.

La Liseuse, Vallotton 6.8.2018, Jacquard weaving, 86×104 cm, 2018.

2,333 EUR
8,400 ILS+VAT


In her project The Museum of Empiric Values, Kremer has created a technological platform that makes woven reproductions of artworks, using Jacquard looms connected to Google Trends – a search engine that provides information on the public’s interest levels in a particular artwork. With this technological hybrid, Kremer has designed a unified and empirically-based method of evaluating, producing, exhibiting, and pricing art. In the Body Doubles series of works, she explores the representation of women in artworks created by male artists and by their much fewer female counterparts. 

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